GUNS UP! – Veterans and Alliances Unite! | PS4

Egy új, klassz videót találtam a PlayStation csatornáján, remélem nektek is tetszik!:…

Attention Soldier! Jump into GUNS UP for FREE now and battle with the new Veterans! Build up your team and power up your units with new Perks, stat pumping Hats, and Attack cards. Learn more about the new Alliance mode coming in the future.

Hop back into GUNS UP before January 6, 2017 and get an Anniversary Box filled with the following supplies:
– Dynamite Pack (10 Dynamite)
– 3 Valor
– Speed Perk Level 1
– Resist Poison Perk Level 1
– Rapid Deployment Perk Level 1
– 5 Riot Rental
– 5 Engineer Rental
– 5 Berserk Attack Cards
– 5 Tactical Boots Attack Cards
– 5 Tight Formation Attack Cards
– 5 4X Munition Boost
– 5 4X XP Boost
– 5 +1 Card Boost
– Custom Banner
– Mohawk Hat Level 2 Accuracy Bonus
– Raptor Hat Level 2 Damage Bonus
– Last Stand Colonel Command Card
– HQ Squad 6 Grunts, 1 Sergeant
– 1 Grenade Launcher Command Card.

Available for FREE on the PlayStation Store. Jump into battle now!

©2016 Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC. GUNS UP! is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC.

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