Kill Strain – Mercs Briefing Launch Trailer | PS4

Egy új, klassz videót találtam a PlayStation csatornáján, remélem nektek is tetszik!:


The Strain has emerged in our world and mankind is keen to exploit its power. Mercenaries and Mutants take sides in an epic confrontation. Will you help protect our world from the Strain, or exploit its resources in the name of power and personal gain?

* Players engage in an intense three sided battle: Humans vs Humans vs Mutants
* Mutants have the ability to turn Humans into additional Mutants – every match is dynamic
* Top down action shooter
* Free to Play
* Persistent account progression
* Build a collection of ruthless Mercenaries and terrifying Mutants!

Rated Mature: Violence, Blood and Gore, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes

©2016 Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC. Kill Strain is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC.


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