Linelight – Launch Trailer | PS4

Egy új, klassz videót találtam a PlayStation csatornáján, remélem nektek is tetszik!:…

Linelight is an elegant puzzle game set in a universe of lines.
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Linelight is a refreshingly elegant puzzle game. It takes the wildly simple premise of “What if everything takes place in the first dimension?” and rockets it into outer space.

There’s no jump button. There’s no shoot button. The way you move creates a universe of possibilities and one mind-bending experience.

Guide Dash across the game’s rich, clean, and relaxing worlds; Linelight simulates the experience of getting an A+ on an exceptionally hard test while receiving a back massage.

The gameplay is simultaneously unique and intuitive enough that gamers, non-gamers, your technology-illiterate relatives, tweens, rocket scientists, a potato with googly eyes and toothpicks for arms, and even line connoisseurs are all on the same playing field of challenge.*

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