Nebulous – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Egy új, klassz videót találtam a PlayStation csatornáján, remélem nektek is tetszik!:

Nebulous is out for Playstation 4 on August 30, 2016! Coming to Playstation VR soon.…

Nebulous is a physics-based puzzle game where you must help guide Commander Dash Johnson, a trapped astronaut, through maze-like levels, seeking the next wormhole to his eventual freedom. Arrange the pieces of the puzzle so that when he falls, gravity and momentum guide him safely (and probably painfully) to the end. Featuring music by Lauren Bousfield!

– Bouncers, gravity machines, conveyor belts, space rocks, lasers, blocks, blocks, and more blocks (and other stuff)
– Physics-driven puzzle “fun”
– Fun is in quotes to show that it’s actually really fun
– Guide a powerless astronaut through an absurdly horrific limbo and relish his misfortunes as he questions his sanity in fully voiced dialogue
– There’s no such thing as space madness…

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