Outcast – Second Contact – Reveal Trailer | PS4

Egy új, klassz videót találtam a PlayStation csatornáján, remélem nektek is tetszik!:

The Ulukaï is back!

In the near future, humanity has discovered it is not alone in the universe, or rather universes. Alas, first contact with intelligent beings turns disastrous when a probe sent by the US government is destroyed by the natives of a world called Adelpha. The incident creates an energy cataclysm which threatens to destroy the Earth. You are Cutter Slade, a former elite soldier sent on a mission to Adelpha to prevent this catastrophe…

Welcomed by natives as the “Ulukai” – a messiah of an ancient prophecy – you learn that to save Earth, you must save Adelpha: the destiny of both worlds is in your hands.

Outcast – Second Contact is the full remake of the award-winning action-adventure game Outcast.

Outcast – Second Contact will release this autumn on PlayStation®4. 


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