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Egy új, klassz videót találtam a PlayStation csatornáján, remélem nektek is tetszik!:

Experience golf at its finest in The Golf Club 2, available June 27th on PS4. Play thousands of pre-built courses or create your own, compete in dynamic tournaments – alone or with a Golf Society – and progress your career by rising the ranks in lush, vibrant settings around the world! Establish your own Society and upgrade your clubhouse, inviting players online to join and compete with your team. The possibilities are endless in the highly anticipated new standard in golf gaming. The Golf Club 2 is available on PS4 June 27, 2017.

Right now, players can get a head start on their career and pre-order The Golf Club 2 for $39.99. They will receive the “Day One” edition which includes the following “Aristocrat” bonus in-game content:

• Moneybags – Save time and get rich quick with an instant payout that will boost your career and give you serious purchasing power
• Elite Club – Make your competitors jealous and stand out among the crowd with an exclusive 24K solid gold driver
• Premier Clubhouse – Gain access to an exclusive high society clubhouse for you and your friends
• Heirloom Apparel – Play in style with a throwback outfit from the golden age of golf
• Elite Emblem – Add class to your Society logo with a signature badge

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